Project Consulting

PROMTECH Group’s specialists provide you with constant help in dealing with any challenges that may arise while implementing projects abroad, supporting your project up to its successful completion.

Experience has shown that the implementation of any internationally oriented project, in particular in the Russian Federation and in other CIS countries, is associated with a great number of issues that arise due to differing requirements. For this reason, involving a professional partner who is familiar with the local conditions and has access to the necessary network is essential, particularly with regard to minimizing the risk of delays and unanticipated additional costs.

To this end, we offer you the following consulting services:

  • Consulting on project organization and applicable norms
  • Development of cost-optimized certification and commissioning concepts
  • Support in negotiations with government authorities and customers
  • Import consulting, customs clearance, and logistics consulting
  • Competent project solutions from a single source


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