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The consumer protection laws and state authorities in the Russian Federation, Eurasian Economic Union and other CIS countries protect their respective markets and consumers from goods of insufficient quality and standard. As in the European Union, the CIS countries likewise have their own norms that govern minimum standards for products. Here, it should be noted that the limits set by such norms are often stricter than in Europe. As a consequence, the delivery of certain goods requires the presentation of certificates ensuring conformance with the respective local norms, standards, and regulations that have been issued by accredited expert organizations (PROMTECH) or by appropriately authorized state authorities.

We provide you with all the necessary certificates for customs clearance and commissioning, in particular:

  • EAC (TR CU) and GOST certification / declaration
  • Hygiene certificates and state registration
  • Industrial safety expert review findings (permits formerly issued by RosTechNadzor)
  • Fire safety certification
  • Metrological certificates for measuring instruments
  • Clearance certificates
  • and other acсording to your request

We advise you on the variety and complexity of certifications and find an optimal solution for you.


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