Participating in tenders to build technically complex and capital-intensive facilities requires consideration of the special aspects and legal procedures upon which successful realization of the respective projects depends. For such cases, PROMTECH Group offers the assessment of tender requirements and consulting on any necessary measures that are thereby identified.

Through preparation and support by experienced experts, numerous errors can be prevented right from the initial stage.

PROMTECH Group offers competent support at all stages of your project:

  • Negotiations: conduct of technical and commercial negotiations
  • Consulting: preliminary assessment and harmonization of technical specifications with the current regulations
  • Offers: coordination and submission of technical offers
  • Management: coordination and support in the tendering process
  • Delivery: support on issues of logistics and customs clearance
  • Assembly and commissioning: preparation for assembly and commissioning


Vadim Barakov
managing director
Tel +43 1 8900 287-0