As industry has globalized and financial investments have grown more international in nature, our company has developed into a multidisciplinary provider of technical services with an international presence. Our experience with complex projects in the field of energy and in the producing industries, as well as with non-industrial properties, enables us to provide our customers with professional services as a general contractor in CIS countries and throughout Europe.

Service and customer orientation are at the forefront, here, and trust-based interaction in working on projects is a major concern and our top priority. We can therefore guarantee our customers the highest levels of security and confidentiality regarding their in-house documentation.

Our perfectly coordinated and ambitious team is fully dedicated to the projects on which they work, thus forming the foundation of our success. We develop all solutions together with our customers, thereby contributing fundamentally to the successful completion of your project through our professional competence and our neutral outside perspective.


Vadim Barakov, DI (FH)
managing director
+43 1 8900 287-0